Strategy for Binary Options Traders on Fed’s Policy statement

Janet-YellenThe U.S. markets are currently in a no man’s land, swinging between red and green the whole morning after an initial spike up, when they opened. Today is a historical day for the markets as the New Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen is going to make her first policy statement.

The markets are expecting dovish statements from the new chairwoman to continue. Even though the unemployment rate has been hovering within the expected 6.5% most of the analysts are sure that there won’t be any significant change in the interest rates and instead many of them are expecting the Federal Reserve to give a forward guidance that is in-line with the low interest rate policy. There are also whispers that rates could be gradually increased, starting at the end of this year.

Gold is slightly more volatile than other asset classes today and is primarily because of the start of downtrend two days ago and waiting for a move by The Fed.

You can make money trading binaries.

So how should a Binary option Trader play the current market?

For most of the traders who are using a level II broker, which allows them to trade any kind of asset without shutting down trades on some asset class, the best strategy to go for today is Limit Breakout.

Since most of the assets are currently range bound and are hovering in a range, select an asset of your choice – S&P500, EUR/USD etc.

Choose the point from which a breakout or breakdown can happen, while looking at the charts and place a Limit order at those points for CALL and PUT respectively. If the markets gain volatility after the statement comes out at 2:00 P.M. (EST) this trade can ensure that you are best positioned to make the maximum amount of money.

Start trading binaries today.

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  1. Olwe Johnson says:

    binary goal is good they have simple layout and care about people and the company, many of these groups though are greedy and don’t properly train people how too trade right, don’t do anything until your confident..

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