Which is better? Trading gold or oil?

Trading-gold-oil-binary-optionIf you can’t decide between trading gold or oil with binary options, this article will illustrate the main characteristics of these two very popular raw materials in terms of their volatility.

Trading gold with binary options

Gold’s price history indicates that this precious metal is has a very high volatility, which is around 30%. Investing in gold in general can be very exciting with binary options. Over the past few years, gold’s pricing has ranged anywhere from 60% of its original value.
Trading precious metals, like gold or silver, is done similarly as it is with currencies. This is why gold has its own interest rate curves. These curves allow you to view gold’s prices over the long term, and like currencies, gold has early indicators that are used to create curves in advance.

Trading oil with binary options

Like gold, oil prices are very volatile. Oil prices can change rapidly within just a few hours. Trading black gold with binary options can be an effective way to quickly earn profits.
Oil stock is very volatile. In fact, black gold’s average volatility is around 30%. This data represents oil’s average volatility throughout the year, when observing its price fluctuations.

Gold and oil are highly volatile assets, as previously mentioned. This can become very exciting when trading them with binary options, providing a proper graphic analysis is completed and the right technical indicators are chosen. To help you with this, 24option has account managers who can advise you how to trade these two very popular assets within the world of binary options.

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