Weekly Review: Slightly Bearish Tone Emerging

hqdefaultIf you are going to have a closer look at the markets right now, you can see it by yourself, that the markets are showing a slight bearish curve and this might be good news for the various binary options traders who are looking out for a short strategy in the market. This affect is largely due to the manufacturing number in the US that was down from 53.5 to 52.7. The good news is it remained above the 50 key level and that has helped the market to regain. 11 out of the 18 listed industries have shown a growth but the market is at all level summer slowdown.


The Consequences of Falling Oil Prices

The oil prices are on the decline stage and it has a negative impact on oil and gas growth of the industries in North. Many products in America are not economically viable and oil and gas plays a vital role in the betterment. Petrochemicals have shown a positive improvement over the last week’s results and their focus is steady. The falling prices of oil are another factor that needs a consideration, as it affects the chemical raw materials prices to fall down too. The traders are said to expect a lower price in the coming months. When it comes to global orders, they are also held steady and this leaves no space for good expansion. If you compare the business conditions, they have given steady news and have a little change when compared to the news of the last month. Global markets continue to grow in a steady manner where there isn’t any news of considerable changes. If you are going to take a look at the inbound logistics, they are back to normal again. Although, there is positive news as the business continues to be strong and steady.


If you are going to look at the oil slowdown, then it may have a direct or indirect affect at the stocks, considering the fact that it has a major contribution in the commodities market. The comments sections in the summer slowdown are getting mixed reactions and the negative news is obviously going to impact the traders. Meanwhile, the more positive segment in the market is going to take a break off till the market continues to show improvements. If you are going to consider the overall news of the market, then it is expected to give an annual growth of 15%. This is good considering the fact that the market contributes to amaze people. The prices of the business are mostly staying the same and you can see the volumes expanding. This makes the position of the business strong as people are continuing their trades as the outlook in the market is favourable. If you are looking forward to maintain a good growth, then the local investment regarding to capital are expected to give traders new opportunities in the market, and they can use then in a right way to get benefited.

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