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First time it was released, vftAlert could only generate trading signals. But today it’s much more complex software which can significantly improve traders’ results. It offers a range of useful features on top of trading signals. The software has considerably changed since it was first presented to public, and those changes were for the better. Developers created a separate website in English and Russian languages introducing visitors to vfxAlert and its benefits. First thing to note when visiting their website is the opportunity to launch the software in browser, in broker’s web-terminal or as an application installed on a PC.

Not all trading platforms are compatible with vfxAlert. To have all the features available, broker should offer traders SpotOption platform, which is well known in the world of binary options. The app is also compatible with Zulutrade used for copy trading. But if trading signals is all you need, you can use any trading platform.

Analysis Tools

Good thing about vfxAlert is that it offers a lot of tools to do technical analysis. Moreover, it provides traders with all the necessary information for fundamental analysis. The software allows you to use economic calendar, charts, indicators, and even has something called heatmaps. Those heatmaps show if it’s the right time for trading certain assets. And, as you know, good timing is extremely important. Charts are commonly used to monitor market performance and apply various indicators, while economic calendar will notify of all important events that can move the markets.

Most often binary options trading platforms provide no tools to conduct technical analysis or just a few of them which are insufficient for in depth analysis. This is unacceptable, especially for those, who got used to make rational trades instead of simply gambling.

Without applications like vfxAlert a lot of traders would have to use additional software and websites, which is quite inconvenient. Novice traders usually have difficulties when they have to perform too many tasks at the same time – follow trading signals, quickly analyze markets and make decisions. Using different apps and sources would be overwhelming for them.

In a separate section there are current market trends which can help traders identify market direction. Trends will be available for six different time frames from 5 minutes to 1 day.

VfxAlert Features

Trading signals and all the information are provided for ten most popular currency pairs. Depending on their preferences, traders can choose out of several strategies: Adaptive, Short-Term, Trending and Reversal. Moreover, users can filter signals according to their expiration time (from 1 to 30 minutes).

When a signal appears, investors need to manually enter a trade using their broker’s trading platform. They will know all necessary characteristics of a trade: underlying asset, strike price, direction up/down and expiration. On top of that, notifications will show signal strength and time passed from the moment it was generated.

Developer of vfxAlert warns that signals generated by their application shouldn’t be viewed as a profit guarantee. Using them should help traders check their forecasts. Therefore, the service is recommended for investors who don’t just gamble but develop their own strategies and use signals to filter out bad trading opportunities.


Investors don’t have to trade manually. If you trust the signal provider, you can use auto-trading feature. In this case you won’t need to decide when to open a trade. The application will do this job for you. Meanwhile, you can relax or do other things, your presence isn’t required. This option is quite risky that’s why investors should be careful choosing it. It won’t do you any good if your goal is to become professional binary options trader, because it doesn’t involve much analysis or thinking. But if trading is just an attempt to earn money without investing time and effort, auto trading would be perfect for you.

Three Ways to Launch vfxAlert App

The easiest way is to launch the app in browser. To do this, you need to visit vfxAlert website and choose the corresponding option. You’ll see a small browser window on the left side of the screen. This window will show all available trading signals at the moment. This version of the app allows selecting strategy and expiration time, but offers no other settings.

Another option is to choose vfxAlert integrated into broker’s in browser trading platform. And finally, it can be downloaded on a computer. Downloading and installing the app would take some time, but it unlocks a complete package of features. This app allows you to log into your binary options trading account and launch trading platform. So, you’ll have everything you need in one place.

Free and PRO Accounts

If you just want to receive trading signals, it won’t cost you anything. But keep in mind that strength of half of the signals won’t be specified. Meaning that you’ll see a signal, suggested strike price of a binary option, expiration and forecast, but won’t know the signal reliability, which is one of the most important characteristics. Without knowing this important piece of information, trading would be equivalent to gambling. If a signal is weak, your chances of earning profit decrease.

Basically, 50% of the signals are enough to enter significant amount of trades. Therefore, your opportunities won’t be limited too much. But that’s all free account can offer. In addition, you’ll have ads enabled when using the service for free. There won’t be a lot of ads popping up, but to some they might seem distracting.

By paying just $30 you’ll have all the features unlocked to you for one year. Plus, you won’t have to tolerate ads anymore. There’ll be multiple tools used to do technical analysis, the opportunity to filter trading signals, get extended statistics and auto trading option. On top of that, developers offer their PRO customers to sign up for email or SMS alerts.

If you just want to test reliability of the trading signals, free account would be fine for you. Using the service for free can give you enough statistical data to draw conclusions. But if you are more interested in analysis tools, you can buy 1 month subscription for $15. Considering that one year subscription will cost you twice more, paying $15 for a month won’t be a good deal.

Expected Profit

The main question traders usually ask when choosing trading signals software is how much they can earn on average. There’s no exact answer to this question, because profit/loss size varies depending on trader behavior and not solely on accuracy of the signals. How traders select signals to follow, what strategy they implement, how they decide on trade size and many other factors will affect the results. Basically, you can expect around 55-60% of the signals generated by the system can earn you profit.

Analysis – Key to Success

When software developers and trading signals providers try too hard to sell their products and services, they tend to promise more than they can deliver, and most of the time it becomes obvious. vfxAlert creators, in contrast, don’t promise extraordinary profits and guaranteed success. They just offer great tools to use in binary options trading and those tools help investors grow professionally. Trade with vFxalert

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