Trading Binary Options on Weekends

There are several trading sessions and they make it possible to trade binary options round the clock. Moreover, investors can choose not only most convenient time of the day to trade, but also have the chance to work during the week and on weekends. Even on holidays traders can get great trading opportunities. But we’ll discuss it a bit later.

Trading Sessions. As we already mentioned, trading sessions begin at different time. First is the Asian session which begins on midnight (GMT), then come European and North American sessions. All continents use different time zones, therefore binary options market is open 24 hours a day. When one trading session comes to an end, markets in other regions start to wake up. You can clearly see this cycle when using special traders’ clocks which are usually popular with investors.

Economic Calendar. This is a very useful tool for traders. It shows all statistical data published by officials in different countries. It covers all major economic events in Europe, USA, South America, South-East Asia and Oceania which have great market impact. Economic calendar also shows official holidays when markets in certain countries are closed. On these days price action of some assets become more predictable since there are no fundamental factors affecting the market. This is a great time to earn good money because analyzing and forecasting would be easier, especially when trading currencies.

Thanks to differences in markets’ open/close hours, binary options traders can choose those assets which are most active during different sessions. That would help them concentrate on one market at a time and become more successful.

Remember these basic principles of binary options market and you’ll be able to earn nice profits having convenient work schedule.

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