Trade Broker Of InstaForex Review

InstaForex is considered to be one of the leading Forex brokers. It was founded in 2007 and since then reached colossal success. Today it has over 3 million traders who have access to more than 300 financial instruments. It literally conquered the world by opening more than 250 offices in different corners of the globe. Broker’s main business is Forex but at the moment customers can use their accounts to trade binary options as well.

Trading InstaForex

Minimum trade size is $1 and maximum is $1,000. You can make a minimum deposit as low as $1. Profit will vary within standard range of 70-85%. InstaForex offers only Up/Down binary options with all popular classes of underlying assets: commodities, currency pairs and stocks. Overall, there are 72 underlying assets.

Unlike many other binary options brokers, InstaForex gives the opportunity to open demo account without uploading funds. That means traders won’t risk any money to practice and get used to the trading platform.

One of the most wonderful characteristics of this broker is that it allows traders to specify not only expiration, but also activation time of the contract while usually investors can select only desired expiration period. But what’s even greater is that InstaForex investors can cancel any trade if at least 3 minutes are left to its activation.

Suppose there are good indications that EUR/USD exchange rate will rise in 15 minutes, but you aren’t sure. You enter a trade which will be activated in 10 minutes to see how market would behave. You have 7 minutes to cancel the trade. Cancellation will cost 10% of the trade size, but it’s a good chance to save your money if you are confident that your initial forecast isn’t accurate.

InstaForex Platform

There are two ways to trade binary options with this broker: login to trading account on the broker’s website or use MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform which is designed to trade Forex. Binary options traders who have no Forex experience would find MT4 terminal too complicated. First you need to download and install the software then install a special extension which enables binary options trading.

This option is quite time consuming and confusing. Most probably things won’t be smooth so you better contact customer support. They will give you all necessary links to download the platform and its extension. You can also ask them how to install the software and find binary options trading feature. Alternatively, you can search the web to find instructions.

It would be much easier to just log into your trading account, select Company’s Service in the left menu and there choose Forex Options. But no matter what option you choose, trading terminals will be different from those binary option traders used to have. They aren’t quite convenient because control panel isn’t standard. Moreover, you can only see how much profit a contract pays after you specify all trade characteristics and then click Calculate Profit button.

But the platforms have one huge advantage – they offer a lot of indicators to do technical analysis. There are almost 50 indicators so that everyone would find their favorite tools. No other broker can offer that. You will also see traders’ mood which also helps to analyze markets. Other settings like selecting different chart types, colors and time frames are available. There are many useful and nice features, and if you invest some time learning to use InstaForex platforms, you’ll be fairly rewarded.

Accounts InstaForex

Traders can choose one of four account types, but for binary options investors there won’t be any difference between them. The broker’s primary focus isn’t binary options trading, and only Forex traders would enjoy better conditions when they invest more. If you aren’t interested in Forex, you can choose any account type and have the same set of benefits.

But if you think that you might try Forex trading as well, consider available account types to have best trading conditions. There are different minimum deposit requirements, spreads and leverages. Spread is a form of commission for opening a trade. Owners of some account types will have zero spread meaning that they won’t pay any commission.

Bonus Offers InstaForex

The company usually has a lot of promotions and bonuses for Forex traders: no deposit offerings, 30%, 55%, 100% and even 250% deposit bonuses. As a binary options investor you are eligible for these bonuses, but you won’t be able to spend them on trading this type of financial instrument. If you want to trade binary options, you’ll have to use your own money.

But there’s one quite intriguing promotion anyone uploading at least $1,000 at a time can apply for. In December 2019 InstaForex will randomly choose the winner of Lamborghini Huracan. Many traders want to get this beautiful prize and they all have a chance.

Mobile App InstaForex

Mobile users can download InstaForex apps on Android or iOS devices. But these apps don’t offer binary options trading, investors can access only Forex. If you want to use your handset, you can open mobile browser and log into your trading account to trade binary options.

Educational Resources InstaForex

This broker doesn’t pay much attention to educating its customers especially those who choose binary options. Their website provides only basic information about this financial instrument and explains opportunities InstaForex can offer to traders. But at the same time the broker publishes very useful analytical reviews which aren’t considered as educational resources while in fact, they can teach traders a lot.

Customer Care InstaForex

By providing good customer support services the company can keep investors happy. Traders don’t have to wait for long to hear from the broker if they need help. Online chat is available around the clock, operators work fast and professionally. You can also call toll free numbers in 12 different countries. Or find nearest office to you and contact them. All the necessary information is available on their website. Another option is to submit a callback request and operators will call you at the specified time.

Conclusion InstaForex

InstaForex offers good trading conditions, but this broker focuses mainly on Forex investors. That’s why it won’t be the best option for those who specialize only on binary options trading. Basically, Forex and binary options are two similar markets, and in the future you might want to try Forex as well. In this case InstaForex will be an excellent choice. Its greatest advantages are opportunity to use one account to trade both markets, and that traders have a wide range of technical indicators.

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“Trade Broker Of InstaForex Review” для записи 13 комментариев
  1. JOSHUA says:

    instaforex is an excellent platform, but only towards the platform
    it is slightly limited, but this makes it a “safe” broker to invest as a starting point for an investor
    this is my opinion at least

  2. Max1982 says:

    Not the highest incomes, but good quality of human relations and service !!! I had a lot of trouble at the start of my account and the ability to understand how to trade, I was just a complete newbie .. but they care about their customers .. not bad ..

  3. luca says:

    The improvement they have made with services and platform is a guarantee that they understand the real business, and they remain true to their promise to provide excellent support to their client.

  4. Felix says:

    Even though I worked with brokers on a class higher, I liked the broker much more. I advise you to try.

  5. Adam says:

    I like the profits I make right now, because they have a really good bonus offer, and the payouts are also excellent.

  6. goood BoB says:

    I really like to trade with InstaForex. It’s very easy to start trading with them. I opened a trading account without a swap, and now I can leave my trades at night and without commissions. In addition, customer service is good and always available to help you, regardless of time.

  7. David says:

    I personally liked it, worked on the demo. By the way, this is a big plus, that a demo account can be opened several times and it is not tied to the main account.

  8. Ilya says:

    This is an adequate broker. At least, they do not delay money – everything is OK. I just ordered a payment a couple of days ago, and I can say with confidence that with this they have no problem with this.

  9. AARON says:

    There are no problems with the broker. I would not say that this is a divorce, because I work with it. The money was withdrawn, everything was fine.

  10. Эльдар says:

    So far no problems with this broker. Good execution of transactions, even in busy trading hours. There are no requotes, and they always execute my stop orders.

  11. costa s says:

    I have been trading with them since 2014, they have excellent services, fast deposits and conclusions as well. My orders are executed perfectly, and I have not met the re-quotas, so I continue to trade with them.

  12. SERGEI L says:

    InstaForex is the best company for me, because I earned a lot of money thanks to their PAMM system. The support team always responds to all my emails and provides all the necessary information and assistance that I ask. They have the best trading conditions for their customers. So far I am pleased with my trade.

  13. Emil says:

    I recommend InstaForex, because this broker provides me with everything necessary for my daily trading. Bonuses help a lot, especially when I do not have enough money to continue trading. Now with a no deposit bonus, I no longer need money.

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