SpotOption Launches Upgraded Binary Options Platform

In recent news, trading services provider SpotOption launched a new trading platform for all its existing and new traders. SpotOption has always been one step ahead of its competitors when it comes to providing very good trading options to the binary option traders in the American Options market. Now, traders have tailored trading options where they can use all the features of the updated platform, using which they can benefit a lot in the long and short terms of trade.


SpotOption has enhanced its technology and incorporated new operations supporting the existing features for its brands. With the new update, it is also looking forward to increase the market share as there are many new players in the market that are offering tempting new deal to traders and this has led SpotOption to come up with the solution that is both advanced and very user friendly. The major advantage being it can be used by existing traders as well and this doesn’t require them to upgrade to a new plan. All they have to do is to continue trading as they were doing before and the update will be incorporated in their respecting trading binary options platforms.

An Improved User Experience for Binary Options Traders


This framework allows traders to initially integrate the upgrade that is called as Spot+. This platform upgrade was basically designed keeping the new traders in the market as this allows them to trade in a lot more effective and efficient manner. The business operations of the SpotOption binary brands now is aimed directly at traders and this led SpotOption to increase the sales and helping them to accelerate their marketing and retention activities.

The upgrade that is on offer includes features like Communicator, Autodialer, Mailer Database, and Refer a friend. When combined to the binary options trading, these features allow SpotOption to increase sales and reach to mass market where individual traders are connected. This also allows them to use less manpower and increases the opportunity to reach mass market in far less time.

Ran Amiran, the CEO of SpotOption stated that they have always wanted a platform that helped them to reach the masses in a much better way. This helps them to understand the trading needs and thus creates a solution that increases their sales.

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