Raw materials binary options: Trade gold with binary options

raw-materials-binary-options-goldTrading gold with binary options can be an excellent investment in a time of crisis. During such periods, gold prices reach record levels because it is a “safe haven” asset in times of market collapse.

Investing in a raw material like gold can be a good way to make the best possible profits. Gold is an attractive underlying asset to trade, like other raw materials such as petroleum, natural gas, copper or cotton and other precious metals like silver. These different categories of products are called commodities. These commodities provide certain advantages to investors, because they are very volatile and are subject to significant price fluctuations over the short term.

History of gold: Studying gold price history in detail, you will see that the volatility averages around 30%. For this reason, investing in gold can prove to be very profitable when trading binary options. Furthermore, over the past few years, gold prices have been impacted by more significant variations that can reach up to 60% over its’ initial value.
In the beginning, precious metals like gold and silver were treated as simple commodities and full-fledged currencies at the same time. This is why gold has its’ own interest rate curves. These curves enable you to create trending profiles over the long-term and, like other currencies, gold shows points in advance which allow you to create curves in advance.

High liquidity of gold: Gold prices react positively to inflation and to periods during which the market demonstrates strong liquidity, even if gold is used as a raw material in certain industries.

Therefore trading gold with binary options proves to be very lucrative. You can also speculate on binary options with gold by making a deposit with one of the brokers found in our comparison tool.

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