Pivot Trading Strategy and Binary Options

pivot-strategyThe Pivot Trading Strategy is a new trading platform option dedicated to existing and new binary traders with which they can trade in the MT4 Pivot indicator. This is a very good option to earn both long and short term profits if you trade with a regulated broker, as it uses the hammer pattern. Some new traders may find it a bit different from the current trading strategy they are following. When you trade using a hammer pattern, then you have to keep in mind the trend of the market that is shown by the hammer and the shooting star. The hammer pattern has a small body and pin at one side and the shooting star will consist of a shadow on one side only. It is also possible to have a support and resistance at the levels independently.

How to Use a MT4 Pivot

Those traders who are new to the MT4 trading strategy just need to follow the help from the indicator. The indicator shows the level of support and resistance and you have to keep an eye on the time scale for at least an hour or more in the trading process. If you are trading with the help of a broker, then the platform has to keep an eye on the strategy to get the best results out of it. Trades can also use the Pivot binary options strategy with time frames that are different. It is optimum to choose the frames that have fifteen minutes to four hours of frames. If you are suing a fifteen minute chart, then you can use the pivot tables and you have to use a weekly chart, if you are going for a four hour chart.

How to Trade with the Pivot Trading Strategy ?

If you want to get good returns from the trade using the pivot binary options strategy, then you need to look for a figure of hammer starting on the chart. Ideally, the figure must be at the level of the support, that is the hammer, or it must be near the resistance line, that is the shooting star. You need to understand the strategy of hammer and shooting star completely before you start to trade on a regular basis. Once the pattern is clear to you, you can be prepared to buy the binary option.


Generally, the bottom of the market is where the hammer pattern is formed and a downward movement of the market happens before it. When this pattern is formed, then the call option can be bought. However, it is recommended that you wait for the candle to see it go beyond the body of hammer. Once it goes, then you can enter the market without any worries. This same process of the strategy can be applied while taking a look at the shooting start body formation. It is generally formed when the market is at peak and before the formation, an upward movement occurs. If you are going to keep track of these points, then you can profitably trade the binary option strategy in the market.

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