Ladder binary options strategy

Ladder binary options: Open different scenarios in only one trade

What are they? Ladder binary options are a type of binary options. Although they are newer and more complex than traditional binary options, they are becoming very popular among traders and are available in many platforms. The aim of ladder binary options is just the same as in traditional binary options, that is, to predict the direction of an asset, in other words, investors need to decide if an asset will go up or down during certain timeframe.

Specifically in ladder binary options, the asset price must end below or above the target price. So, summarizing, traders need to predict the behavior of the selected asset, but now they have different scenarios. In ladder binary options, operations can have up to 5 levels and 10 PUT and CALL options.

The payout offered by the platform will depend on how risky is your trade, if your prices are far from each other and within a considerable period of time, your operation is more risky, meaning that potential profits are higher. On the other hand, if prices are really close to each other and within a short period of time, the amount will be lower, so as the risk.

This is how you’ll see your screen when trading ladder binary options. As you can see, it’s a user-friendly and easy to understand interface, so don’t worry you won’t have any trouble.


Strategy: We recommend you to use the pivot point strategy. Broadly speaking, pivot points provide us with information about potential fluctuations (both upward and downward) during certain period of time. Through calculating an average between maximum, minimum and closure prices, pivot points tell us how the asset is likely to behave.

With a pivot points calculator, you can obtain three support lines and other three resistance lines. This information will work as a guide regarding the fluctuation of the price during a day, in this regard, the levels obtained from pivot points work as a reference to create the ladder.

Ladder binary options are just a bit more difficult to understand than traditional ones, but still, everyone is able to trade successfully. Each trader needs to discover his or her profile and the decision will also depend on the trader’s needs and preferences. Ladder binary options are suitable for both conservative and risky traders since each trader can decide the different scenarios according to their personality.

In GOptions, ladder binary options can make you win up to 1.500% over your initial investment in just one trade.

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