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The ifollow is an autotrading binary options software, but unlike many other binary signals, you don’t need to download anything! The ifollow is easy to use and it works online. Let’s see what the ifollow is about…

By using top-of-the-line technology and binary signals, the new iFollow allows you to copy the operations made by the most successful investors from all around the world. With the iFollow you’ll be able to copy all the investments you wish.

A great thing about the iFollow is that you can select your investments in two ways: by choosing the asset to copy (there, you must select the asset you wish to trade) and the platform will show you the best traders that are investing in those assets, or on the contrary, you can decide to copy investors, by selecting the trader from the Top traders ranking.

The best thing about the robot is that it’s suitable for every type of trader, especially for those who don’t have too much financial knowledge, everyone can benefit from this intelligent piece of software, without the need of having prior trading experience. In other words, you can make use of the analysis and research made by the experts (by the best!) and you won’t need to analyze the assets one by one or spend long hours in front of your pc, looking for profitable opportunities anymore.

How can I use it?

It’s extremely simple and intuitive. You just need to go to www.trbinaryoptions.com and click on the iFollow tab, select FOLLOW on the option that you most prefer and finally confirm your selection.


Use the iFollow, the most advanced trading tool in TradeRush, and see how your balance starts to grow, letting the most experienced and intelligent investors do the work for you.

Any comment or doubt about binary training will be very welcomed!

Good luck!!

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