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Introduction to Binary Options

Not so long ago just few knew about binary options. But right now many people are interested in this type of investment and the number of traders grows rapidly. One of the most interesting characteristics of binary options is that the slightest price change is enough for a trader to earn around 80% profit. Investors will know profit, expiration and other contract details before entering a trade. Therefore, they will be able to evaluate contract conditions in advance.

To become successful binary options traders, people have to make accurate market forecasts and be good at choosing time. Basically, when investors enter a trade, they don’t buy underlying asset (commodities, stocks, currencies, etc.). They just predict price changes of these assets.

How to Trade Binary Options Effectively

Some people compare binary options to casino game. But this is a huge mistake. Casino games rely purely on luck and their results are random. Meanwhile, binary options trading requires certain skills to succeed. Investors should know how to analyze markets, determine their direction, learn trading psychology as well as risk and money management methods.

Implementation of effective strategies is one of the most important factors. There are many different strategies, and traders just need to choose which one would be best for them. Strategies can be built on trading signals generated by different indicators or supplied by companies. But selecting signals supplier is always difficult, because there are a lot of scammers besides legitimate companies.

Best Trading Strategies

Right binary options strategy is the key to success, while having inappropriate strategy traders can easily lose their investments. If you are already familiar with Forex, you’ll find that there are a lot of similarities with binary options. That’s why best Forex trading strategies are also used to trade binary options.

When comparing Forex with binary options, it’s worth to mention different risk levels. As a Forex trader you can lose more than your position size while binary option losses will never exceed trade amount.

Best Trading Signals

Even experienced binary options traders regularly face some unpleasant surprises. Investors are constantly under pressure and feel stressed. Beginner traders which aren’t used to that suffer the most. Struggling with stress and emotions that come from losing or winning, it’s very difficult to make rational decisions. As a result, the probability of making mistake increases.

Various companies offer investors to buy trading signals which would make traders’ job easier. Meaning that traders would receive information when to enter a trade and what binary option they are recommended to buy. According to suppliers, those signals are generated by expert traders. However, you shouldn’t believe everyone. There are scammers which not only will charge you for delivering signals, but will also help you lose all your money by providing inaccurate signals.

Best Binary Options Brokers


IQ Option


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Start trading now

Start trading now

Start trading now

Popularity of binary options attracts a lot of fraudsters or just irresponsible people. They invest to join binary options business and promote their services just to make as much money as possible in short period of time. Meanwhile, they don’t care about service quality, customer security or other things. Their only goal is to draw traders’ attention by offering nice bonuses, and protection of investors’ interests isn’t their concern.

But there are many legitimate binary options brokers as well. You just need to be more careful and allow yourself enough time to make a choice. First thing to consider is broker’s trustworthiness and not its bonuses. Otherwise, you can lose much more money than you receive as bonus. Check reputation of companies, their certificates or licenses. This would guarantee protection of your interests.

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