Ferrari’s Initial Public Offering!

Ferrari-Initial-Public-OfferingGreat news for car lovers! Renowned automaker Ferrari has entered the Wall Street stock exchange through the front door! Trading Ferrari stocks with binary options is a great opportunity not to be missed!

Ferrari’s stock has significant value

Ferrari’s IPO is big news in the financial markets. The Italian group plans to sell 17.2 billion shares, which is 9% of its capital! As a result of this transaction, Ferrari’s value will reach upwards of $10 billion, plus nearly $3 billion in debt. It should be noted that the group’s sales are €2.6 billion with a net profit of €393 million!

A milestone with Ferrari stock opening at €52 euros

Ferrari’s IPO was a milestone this week. In fact, the company’s CEO Sergio Marchionne went to Wall Street personally to ring the famous bell. The Italian automaker had 8 new cars there, including their newest model, the 488 GTB. The stock was introduced at €52 per share, then gained 17%, eventually losing ground and stabilizing at between €55 and €56.

Trade Ferrari stock now with binary options!

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The 24option binary options broker provides a trading simulator so you can initiate yourself by trading Ferrari stock. This trading simulator features a graph displaying how Ferrari’s stock is trending in real time!

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