Binary options: Trading digital options with the High/Low option

binary-option-trading-digital-options-high-lowBinary options’ trading allows you to trade underlying assets using different transaction modes. The High/Low option is the most popular with traders.

It proves very useful to novice traders, due in part to its’ simplicity.

How to trade with the High/Low option: With the High/Low option, nothing is simpler! You only need to speculate on the increase or decrease of the underlying asset, enter the date and hour of the contract start time and the date and hour of the option expiry.

For example: At 10am you speculate an increase in Vodafone stock over the next hour and take the High option. If by 11am the stock price is higher, the contract ends in the money, and you earn anywhere from 70% to 89% of your initial investment. On the other hand, if you speculated on a decrease, then you take the Low option and you will be in the money if the stock price has dropped by the 11am expiry time.

When to use the High/Low option: The High/Low option is very useful for all types of underlying assets, whether it is indexes, raw materials or currencies. In fact it helps you generate significant yields over the short term and is particularly appropriate to handle major events.

It can be advantageous to trade with the High/Low option in cases where, as an example, you anticipate a statement from the governor of a central bank causing the markets to strongly react. In order to predict possible fluctuations of an underlying asset, don’t hesitate to consult our news section where we summarize the major economic events taking place each day.

Advantages of the High/Low option:
The High/Low option has many advantages such as simplicity and a chance to make significant profits. You can also trade on a group of underlying assets in order to increase your chances to earn an attractive return.

Start trading binary options now using the High/Low option, and make your first deposit in order to start making the most profits!

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