Binary options one touch: a profitable tool


Have you already tried binary options one touch?

If you are an adventurous trader, you certainly have to trade with the binary options one touch tool.
One of the advantages of trading with binary options is that you can make several decisions according to your profile, needs and expectations, providing a higher power and control over your trades.

Initially, you will have to decide the type of account but then you will need to choose the asset to be traded, the investment amount and the trading tool, among others.

24option offers the opportunity to trade with binary options one touch, a profitable and effective trading tool. Through binary options one touch, traders are able to trade while markets are closed, during weekends and night times, offering high profits with returns that can vary from 350% up to 500% over your initial investment.

Unlike traditional binary options, in binary options one touch the trader must predict if the asset price will hit (“touch”) certain value settled in advance by the platform, at any time during the investment time frame. In other words, the trader must decide the trend of such asset, speculating if its price will be higher or lower than its current price, that is, to forecast if the asset will reach the “blank price” or not.

Since One Touch gives you the opportunity to trade while markets are closed, it allows you to anticipate the next market movements and therefore open a “Call” or a “Put” option, depending on the future evolution of the asset.One Touch is a simple and quick way of trading as the results are revealed in the short term.

In case you still have any doubts, you can contact your account executive, who will help you to improve your trades with this effective trading tool.

If you haven´t got any account yet, go to 24option trading platform where the most experienced costumer support team available 24/7 will be pleased to answer any doubt about One Touch trading.

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