Binary Options Index: Trade on the DAX 30 index with digital options (part one)

dax30-binaryoptions-index-digital-optionsThis week the site BinaryOptionsInvesting presents the German DAX 30 index. This is a very interesting index when trading digital options. This part is dedicated to define this index and its’ place in the German economy.

What is the DAX 30?

The DAX 30 is the primary stock exchange index of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. It is also the first worldwide European index on the stock market. The DAX 30 is an excellent indicator of the health of the German economy. In fact it provides a precise evaluation of more than 30 large German companies and their progress over time. The DAX 30 was put in place at the beginning of the 80s, around the same time as the CAC 40, and was officially established as of 1988. Like other indexes, the DAX 30 and its’ 30 companies evolve over time; half of the original companies are gone from the index and half remain.

The companies making up the DAX 30 index represent a large number of German economic sectors. One such is the automobile industry – a booming sector in Germany – with big names like BMW and Volkswagen. Banking, financial and insurance establishments have recently entered the index, such as Deutsche Bank and the Allianz Group.

How is the German economy represented in the DAX 30?

Bank and automobile companies are the most representative in Germany, but the energy sector is becoming more and more significant in the DAX 30 index. The E.ON Company has recently become part of the DAX, carrying significant weight in the index as its’ market capitalization is the most significant. Half of the capital of companies making up the DAX 30 these days is German-owned and the other half is owned outside of the country.

In part two, you will learn about the historical evolution of the DAX 30, as well as the ways which you can trade this index. Don’t delay any longer! Make a deposit with one of the brokers found in our rankings and trade binary options without delay to make the most profits in the least amount of time!

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