Binary Option Index: Trade on the DAX 30 index with digital options (part two)

dax30-binaryoptions-index-digital-optionsHere is the second part of our series focusing on the DAX 30 index. We will discuss its’ historical evolution and the way in which you can trade. Part one defined this German index as well as the level of representation outside its’ borders.

What has been the history of the DAX 30?

Since its’ creation, the DAX 30 has been subject to high volatility like other stock market indexes. The trend has always been high: In fact it passed 8100 points in March 2000 when considering it began at 1000 points. Important events have caused the index to drop, such as the September 11 disaster and the burst of the internet bubble.

Right now, the German index levels are more or less stable, but they can always become volatile. For this reason, it is a perfect index upon which to trade digital options.

How to trade binary options on the DAX 30 index

In order to trade on DAX 30 trends over the short term, the best way is to rely on German economic data. To start, it is wise to study the state of primary economic sectors like the automobile and banking industry, as well as energy and insurance.

Please study the health of the primary sectors represented, such as the automobile industry, energy, banking and insurance. You don’t need to analyze in fine detail the results of each of the 30 individual companies comprising the index, but more so the results of the sectors in which they fit.

In general, German economic data has an impact on DAX prices, as the banking system has high exposure to problems encountered in the European zone. These variables must also be taken into account.

All of these indicators can be used in relation to graphic analysis as well as historical trends over short and medium term scales. You can find these on the various brokers’ financial platforms. Wait no longer! Make a deposit now to trade on the DAX 30 with one of the brokers found in our comparison tool!

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