Beginners guide to analyzing shares: Microsoft, Google and Apple

stock-market-quotes1Finance professionals, traders investors will undertake in-depth analysis of company’s shares before deciding to invest in them. This is called fundamental analysis and is usually done in comparison to other similar (at first glance anyway) stocks in the same sector.

Here we take a look as some very well-known tech stocks and start to analyze their performance. Please note that this is a starting point only, and is really designed to only provide you with the impetus to do more in-depth analysis yourself.


Stock history and 2013 stock performance

Microsoft’s IPO took place in 1986, and the initial stock price was set at $21. Over the past year (2013), Microsoft shares have been on an uptrend. On January 3rd, 2013, Microsoft had a share price of $27.06. Over the year, this stock experienced a high of $38.94 and closed the year at $37.41.


In terms of revenue, Microsoft’s 2012-2013 financial year saw a significant growth from its previous financial year. The company made revenue of $77.849 billion, up from $73.723 billion.

Strengths and weaknesses

Over the years, the customers of Microsoft have remained loyal mainly due to their easy to use software and operating systems. In addition to this, diversification into video games and the acquisition of Skype have added significant value to the company.

Microsoft has received criticism of how vulnerable their systems and software are. In addition to this, strong competition from Google’s mobile operating system, Android, has made it difficult for Microsoft’s mobile operating system to make a significant impact in what is a very competitive market.


Stock history and 2013 stock performance

Google went public on August 19th, 2004 with an initial public offering of $85 per share. Over the past year, 2013, Google’s stock was in a strong uptrend. On the first trading day of 2013, Google’s share was selling at $722.62; this price skyrocketed over the next 12 months to close the year at $ 1119.99.


In 2013, Google had made revenue of $59.825 billion, up by approximately 8 billion from its previous financial year.

Strengths and weaknesses

Google has invested heavily in obtaining patents giving them a substantial competitive advantage. Additionally, Google’s mobile operating system, Android, has begun to dominate the smart phone industry.

A weakness of Google is that due to many free products, the company’s potential profit is perhaps reduced. It also has a history of investing in projects which analysts might consider outside of their core business.


Stock history and 2013 stock performance

Apple went public on December 12th, 1980 at $22 per share. Unlike Microsoft and Google, in 2013, Apple’s stock had half the year on a downtrend and the other half on an uptrend. Apple’s stock began 2013 at the price of $78.43 and experienced a downtrend that ended in June 27th at a low of $56.25. An uptrend began as of June 28th till the end of the year where the stock closed at a price of $80.14.


Despite the fluctuations in stock value, in 2013 Apple had made revenue of $170.91 billion, up by a remarkable $14 billion from its previous financial year.

Strengths and weaknesses

Apple is one of the rare businesses that does not have debt; this gives them the ability to diversify their asset portfolio easily. Additionally, Apple has a great innovative team that develops unique devices that enable the company to grow.

A weakness of Apple is that some of their products are very expensive, and there has been recent question marks as to how actually secure they are. Start Trading Stock Today

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