Market Analysis Supplied by Trading Central

Binary options traders would benefit from using different sources to check if their forecasts are accurate. There are special companies which provide analytical services for investors, and Trading Central is one of the most famous of them. On top of great reputation in the financial world, this company has several certificates provided by world renowned research organizations. Trading Central has worked for quite long and in 2008 it was named the best technical analysis house.

What Does Trading Central Offer?

Its main goal is to deliver services which would provide most accurate market forecasts. It’s worth to mention that Trading Central isn’t a trading signal supplier. They just offer tools that can explain what’s happening on a market and what will likely happen next. Users can set different time frames to have information suitable for opening binary option contracts with different expiration.

Basically, the company offers an indicator developed by its experts. This indicator will provide different information including commentaries and charts. You can use these data to compare results of your technical analysis or to build a separate trading strategy around this indicator.

These tools aren’t applicable to any underlying asset, but you can use them with all major currency pairs, commodities and indexes. Since markets change constantly the service supplier updates its forecasts and commentaries about 3-4 times an hour. You won’t have to do it manually because the system is programmed to update automatically as new information gets released.

The service offers several solutions at a time: support and resistance levels are used to spot possible price barriers, technical indicators help filter out false trading signals and Japanese candlesticks show market direction and its strength. Company services are mostly used by Forex traders, but binary options investors also benefit a lot from them because basically Forex and binary options traders both analyze the same markets.

When using Trading Central services to trade binary options, you can look at support/resistance levels to identify best trade entry moments. One Touch binary options should be selected in this case. To earn profit trading this type of binary options, investors should make sure the market touches the price specified in the contract. One touch is all they need to get paid.

Installing and Using MetaTrader 4 Indicator

Traders first need to install MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform. This is a terminal used by majority of Forex investors. Its advantage is that it offers multiple features and tools, and all the information required to make decisions instantly appears in the terminal.

One of major benefits of using MT4 platform is convenience. You won’t need to open multiple browser windows and switch from one software program to another – everything is available conveniently in one place. Another important advantage is that you can use other technical indicators as well. The platform allows activating multiple tools at the same time.

Moreover, you can read commentaries provided by professional analysts. These commentaries explain current market condition and its possible behavior in close future, preferable prices to enter a trade and important price barriers – the information which can make trader’s job a lot easier.

To install Trading Central indicator, you should download their file and open it. When you are offered to specify a folder, choose the one where you have your MT4 platform installed. After the process is completed, close the terminal and launch it again. Then look for TC.TechnicalAnalysis among the list of indicators. That is what you need. One last thing to do is to allow import DLL. To do that, tick the corresponding box in general settings of the indicator.

Trading Central provides information in more than 20 languages. To change a language, open indicator settings. You don’t necessarily have to pay for using analysis. If you register trading account with some brokers they might offer Trading Central services for free.

Accuracy of Forecasts

According to the service supplier, 70% of their forecasts and recommendations are true. That means out of 10 trades binary options investors will have 7 closing in the money and 3 losing contracts. To implement this indicator, One Touch as well as other types of binary options can be traded.

Suppose binary option pays 80% profit. You entered 7 successful trades, $20 each. Your overall profit will be $116 ($20×80%x7). Your loss due to three unsuccessful trades is $60 ($20×3). In total, you have net profit of $56.

Binary options investors are interested in using Trading Central services. Unlike trading signals, they offer all significant information to help investors evaluate markets and not just enter trades. Considering that the information is supplied by professional analysts and is thoroughly checked, you can boost your profits by using it.

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