10 tips to avoid being scammed with binary options

avoid-scam-binary-options-tipsBefore making a deposit with a binary options broker, it is important to consider 10 factors to avoid unpleasant surprises:

– Be careful of brokers established in fiscal paradise: If you see that the broker’s address is located somewhere like the British Virgin Islands, for example, beware!

– Be careful of aggressive companies: If the company calls you immediately after your registration and urges you to make a deposit: Beware!

– Be careful with non-English advisors: If the advisor speaks in broken English and stammers with their explanations: Beware!

– Be careful of brokers who promise you the Earth! If the broker promises easy money, with high earnings in a short period of time: Beware!

– Be careful of unregulated brokers: If the binary options broker is unlicensed and is not certified by a regulatory authority: Beware!

– Be careful of brokers who don’t post any legal notices on their website

– Be careful of brokers who offer a very high welcome bonus! If the broker boasts an attractive welcome offer: Beware!

– Be careful of brokers who require a high minimum trade volume! If the binary options broker requires you to trade 30 or 40 times before you can withdraw your earnings, it could be a scam: Beware!

– Beware of brokers with attractive offers, such as a very high welcome bonus.

– Beware of martingales, which are in no way, shape or form considered as full-fledged trading techniques like technical analysis. Martingales can be used to play in casinos but don’t work well in binary options trading!

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